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How to reset your your GEVEY™ Ultra S using the white reset SIM card


We'll go over the things you'll need to reset your GEVEY Ultra S turbo SIM. You see in this photo a Verizon SIM card in the original iPhone tray, a custom GEVEY SIM tray, the GEVEY Ultra S turbo SIM, a white reset SIM card, an iPhone SIM tray ejector tool, and an active GSM SIM card from the network you want to use with your iPhone.

We're working with a Verizon CDMA iPhone 4S, so let's remove the Verizon SIM card that we used to activate the iPhone. Now insert the white reset SIM card on top of the GEVEY Ultra S turbo SIM in your custom GEVEY SIM tray as shown. Note that the GEVEY turbo SIM will not fit into a standard iPhone SIM tray. Within moments, a list of network carriers will appear. Careful here! Chose the network carrier your iPhone is locked to. Since I'm unlocking a Verizon iPhone in this tutorial, I'll select US Verizon. If you are unlocking a phone from another network, like Sprint, then you would select US Sprint. This is the step most people mess up on, so again, select the network on the list that your iPhone is locked to, not the network that you want to use after you're iPhone is unlocked.

After selecting your network, a GEVEY confirmation will show that you have successfully reprogrammed you GEVEY Ultra S turbo SIM to the selected network. Now click accept and immediately eject the reset SIM. If you take longer that a few seconds, the GEVEY turbo SIM will think you are trying to reset again, and you'll have to start over.

After you eject your reset SIM card, leave the GEVEY turbo SIM in the custom SIM tray but remove the white reset SIM. Put your chosen GSM SIM card in its place as shown here, and then insert it into your iPhone. You may be asked to unlock your SIM card, but we can ignore that for now. Your GEVEY Ultra S turbo SIM is now reset, and you can refer back to this tutorial on how to insert the white reset SIM if you ever need to change GSM carriers.