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How to jailbreak your CDMA iPhone 4S

Jailbreak CDMA iPhone 4S iOS 5.1.1

Now on to jailbreaking. First, we're going to download the latest version of the Absnithe Jailbreak tool. Find the version for your operating system and of course make sure to download from a reliable source. I recommend you save the download to your desktop or another folder that's easy for you to find. After your download is finished, extract or unzip the Absinthe file and launch it. You may get an operating system warning, then move on.

Absinthe may not detect your iPhone, so unplug your iPhone from your computer and then plug it back in. iTunes may launch, but just close it. Now click on jailbreak and let Absinthe go to work. Durning this time, you iPhone will restart a few times. When the jailbreak process has finish, Absinthe will show you this message. Now let's finish the jailbreak process on your iPhone.

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