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How to install and register FuriousMod

FuriousMod Installation and Registration

After Cydia has reloaded data, you see the Cydia home screen. The jailbreak process is complete, so now we'll install FuriousMod. Click on Manage at in the bottom menu. On the manage page, select sources. On the Sources page, select edit in the upper right corner, and an add button will appear on the right upper corner. A pop up window will appear for you to enter a URL. Enter and wait for Cydia to verify the URL and then download and install FuriousMod.

Wait until the process completes, and make sure it completes without any errors. If you do see red text and errors, you will have to delete FuriousMod and download it again. Removing FuriousMod or any source package is just like deleting an e-mail on your iPhone--swipe it and press delete.

Return to Cydia. This will put you back at the sources page. Find the source and select it. A list of Mod packages will appear, so make sure to select FuriousMod-iPhone-4S for iPhone 4S CDMA iOS 5.1.1. In the package details screen, select install in the upper right corner and then confirm. The FuriousMod-iPhone-4S for iPhone 4S CDMA iOS 5.1.1 will install within a few minutes, and then you can select Return to Cydia. This will put you on the package detail page. Now you just need to power off and restart you CDMA iPhone 4S.

After your iPhone reboots, you may need to unlock your SIM. Within moments, you'll see a message to let you know you're CDMA iPhone 4S has been successfully unlocked. At the end of this message is a registration number for FuriousMod. To combat counterfeiters, you'll be required to enter this number on the FuriousMod registration screen. You might see an activation message periodically after installing FuriousMod, so write down this number, and then select Accept.

Now open the FuriousMOd app on your iPhone. You'll get a message that will let you know how to retrieve the FuriousMod activation code if you didn't record it. Click Ok to get to the registration screen. Simply enter the activation number and click Register. Reboot your iPhone and you're good to go.

At this point you are unlocked! Your phone might show No Service in the signal bar for a while, but here we'll make a quick test call. You should always make a test call at this point before restoring any iPhone back ups or installing any other apps to make sure your GEVEY turbo SIM is working properly. So applications downloaded from Cydia may corrupt files on your iPhone or interfere with proper operation of the GEVEY unlock mechanism.

And the call went through! We are now unlocked!