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I want to unlock my AT&T GSM iPhone 4S

GEVEY™ Ultra S GSM Instructions for AT&T iPhone 4S

The GEVEY Ultra S turbo SIM is pre-programmed to unlocked AT&T GSM iPhone 4S, so this should be really easy.

WarningThese instructions are for AT&T GSM iPhone 4S only. If you are unlocking a GSM iPhone 4S from another carrier, you will need to follow those instructions. Go back to the instructions pages and read through all selections before following any instruction set.

AInsert GEVEY and SIM Card
Insert Gevey Ultra S and Sim Card

Simply insert the the sim you want to use along with the GEVEY Ultra S into the iPhone 4S. The upper left hand corner of the sim should change from "No Sim" / "No Service" into "Searching".

BAccept and Unlock
A pop screen with a list of carriers appears

You will see this message appear on the iphone screen Stating  “Your iPhone 4S is unlocked successfully by GEVEY Ultra S!” Select “Accept or Cancel” and your iPhone 4S is unlocked.

This screen might appear a couple of times, so just accept every time.

ArrowIf this method fails to unlock your AT&T GSM iPhone 4S, then follow the instructions to unlock your GSM iPhone 4S with an original carrier SIM card.