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I want to unlock my GSM iPhone 4S that was originally distributed by a carrier other than AT&T, and I have a SIM card from this carrier.

GEVEY™ Ultra S GSM Instructions for GSM iPhone 4S with SIM

Since you are unlocking a GSM iPhone 4s that is not from AT&T, you will need to re-program the GEVEY Ultra S turbo SIM using the white reset SIM included with your GEVEY turbo SIM.

WarningOnly follow these instructions if you have the actual SIM card that your GSM iPhone 4S was locked to. For example, if your GSM iPhone 4S is locked to Rogers Communications and you have a Rogers SIM card, then go ahead and follow these instructions.

Remember also that your GSM iPhone 4S must first be activated in order for the GEVEY reset SIM card to enter setup mode. To enter setup mode and program the GEVEY Ultra S, simply insert the white GEVEY reset SIM card with your GEVEY Ultra S turbo SIM together into your activated GSM iPhone 4S.

AReset GEVEY Turbo SIM
Insert Gevey Ultra S and Sim Card

Insert the GEVEY Ultra S SIM and the GEVEY reset SIM together into the iPhone 4S and the following list of carriers will be displayed.

The reset SIM is the white SIM card that came with your GEVEY Turbo SIM.

CReset Confirmation
Select Manage

When the following confirmation screen appears, you have successfully unlocked your iPhone 4S! You can select either "Cancel or Accept" to complete the unlocking process.

BIgnore List of Carriers
A pop screen with a list of carriers appears

Do not select any carrier from this list!
After you see this screen, simply eject your SIM tray and remove the GEVEY reset SIM from the custom GEVEY SIM tray.  Next, insert the GEVEY Ultra S and the original carrier SIM together into your iPhone 4S.

You might need to wait up to 5 min for the confirmation screen to appear.

For example, if your GSM iPhone 4S came from Telus Communications, then you will need a Telus SIM card at this step.

DInstall Your SIM Card with GEVEY Turbo SIM
A pop screen with a list of carriers appears

You can now eject the SIM tray and remove the original carrier SIM and then insert the SIM card that you would like to use on your GSM iPhone 4S. The upper left corner will still display “no sim” or “no service” once you go back to the home screen but will change from "searching" to "Signal". The signal bars should appear with 3 minutes.

ArrowIf this method fails to unlock your GSM iPhone 4S, then follow the instructions to unlock your GSM iPhone 4S without the original carrier SIM card.