Boy did we take a beating on Facebook these past couple of days. People seem to think that Apple N Berry is using the same unlock method as the free SAM crack for the iPhone. We don't. Let's go over the differences so you can make your own decision.

The The SAM solution exploits a vulnerability found on the iTunes activation server to unlock your iPhone. If or when Apple updates the iPhone activation server, this SAM unlocked process will most likely no longer work. Our GEVEY™ Ultra hardware solution doesn't rely on the iTunes activation server and will not be affected should any changes to the iPhone activation server be made by Apple.

The SAM solution requires a jailbroken phone. GEVEY™ products work on both jailbroken or factory locked iPhones, depending on which model you own.

The SAM solution will not work on blacklisted phones. Since the SAM solution requires your phone to be activated through iTunes, your iPhone IMEI must not be blacklisted. The original service carrier may blacklist an iPhone for many reasons, including theft, loss, or delinquent payment. GEVEY™ hardware solutions don't require iTunes activation and can unlock blacklisted handsets.

The SAM solution requires tethering or a computer connection in order to unlock your iPhone. Most GEVEY™ solutions are plug-and-play, which means you don't need to connect you iPhone to a computer in order to unlock it.

The SAM  solution can only unlock one sim card at a time.  If you own multiple SIM cards or plan on using other SIM cards in the future, you'll need to go through the unlock process on your phone every time you switch SIM  cards.  The GEVEY™ hardware solution unlocks the phone permanently, as long as your GEVEY™ turbo SIM is installed.  With GEVEY™, users can change SIM cards as often as they like.

Special note about the iPhone 4

The SAM solution can only unlock one SIM  card at a time. If you own multiple SIM cards, you will need to unlock  your phone every time you switch one out.  The GEVEY™ hardware unlock for the iPhone 4 allows users to store up to 10 SIM cards on a single GEVEY™ turbo SIM.

Only our GEVEY™ Ultra 5.1 for GSM iPhone 4 takes advantage of an activation server exploit to unlock iPhone 4. All other GEVEY™ product utilize other permanent unlock mechanisms.

Besides the SAM method, don't forget that AT&T will give you an unlock code for your iPhone 4 under certain circumstances. We surely would rather you try that before buying and returning your GEVEY™ under our awesome 30-day satisfaction guarantee. And also keep in mind Apple N Berry offers technical support via phone and e-mail for all purchases made at Where will SAM be when you need him?