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I want to unlock my GSM iPhone 4

GEVEY™ Ultra Instructions for GSM iPhone 4

These instructions cover:

Your GEVEY Ultra can unlock your GSM iPhone 4 to work on any GSM network in the world.

WarningOnly follow these instructions if you are using a GSM iPhone 4. Make sure your iPhone modem firmware complies with the supported versions listed in the GEVEY Ultra product description.

Remember also that your GSM iPhone 4 must be activated through iTunes in order for the GEVEY reset SIM card to enter setup mode.

How to unlock any GSM iPhone 4 without Jailbreak

AInsert Gevey Ultra and Sim Card
Insert Gevey Ultra and Sim Card

First, turn off your iPhone 4. Insert the chosen carrier SIM card that you want use after you unlock your iPhone with your Gevey Ultra in the custom SIM tray.

If you have an earlier version of the GEVEY Ultra, you may have to cut your SIM card to fit your iPhone SIM tray.

CSelect Settings
Select Settings

Select the Settings iPhone application.

ESelect SIM Applications
Select SIM Applications

In the Phone menu, select SIM Applications.

GAccept Settings
Accept Settings

The following GEVEY menu screen will appear, select Accept, and then press your iPhone’s home button and wait 15 seconds.

IAirplane Mode SIM Activation
Airplane Mode SIM Activation

In the Settings menu, and turn on Airplane Mode. After 40 Seconds, you will see the message No SIM Card Installed.

Click Ok and then turn off Airplane Mode in the Settings menu. You will see the message No SIM Card installed, but you can ignore this message.

Click Ok and then wait for a signal. Your iPhone 4 is now unlocked.

BSelect Settings
Select Settings

Turn on your iPhone 4, slide to unlock, and wait for the GEVEY screen to appear as shown. Select Cancel.

If the screen shown here does not appear within 15 seconds, move on to step C.

DSelect Phone
Select Phone

In the Settings application menu, select Phone.

FSelect Instructions
Select Instructions

In the SIM Applications meunu, select Instructions.

HDial 112
Select Return to Cydia

Open your Phone application and select Keypad. Wait for one signal bar to appear in the upper left corner, then Dial 112. End the call immediately.

Note that this call will not connect to an emergency service. Press your iPhone’s home button.

WarningIf these steps fail to unlock your GSM iPhone 4, you might have taken too much time to complete some of the step that require immediate action. Reboot your iPhone 4 and repeat these steps 3 to 4 times.

If all methods fail to unlock your  GSM iPhone 4, either your chosen carrier SIM card is too old, you damaged your chosen carrier SIM card when cutting, your files on your GSM iPhone 4 have been corrupted, or you have received a defected GEVEY turbo SIM. Before calling for support, you should request a new micro SIM from your preferred carrier. A new micro SIM solves over half of all GEVEY unlock problems.

If you would like to keep your current Apple iOS and your GSM iPhone 4 is not Jailbroken, first backup your iPhone data with iTunes, and then perform a factory reset from your iPhone [Settings → General → Reset → Erase All Content and Settings]. Do not restore your data to avoid re-installing a corrupted file to your iPhone.

After performing a factory reset, please repeat the unlocking process. Once you have successfully unlocked your GSM iPhone 4, you can restore your previous backup through iTunes.

If you would like to update your Apple iOS to the latest version, or if your GSM iPhone 4 is jailbroken, you will need to wait for a custom upgrade to be released for the iOS version you want to upgrade to.  Based on past history, the custom upgrade should be available within a couple weeks after the latest iOS update is released by Apple. Follow Apple N Berry on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

If you are still unable to unlock your GSM iPhone 4 after performing all troubleshooting steps above, just call us for technical support toll free at 1 (800) 859-7816 or call (510) 578-5269. Please have your

  • Order number
  • White GEVEY reset SIM
  • SIM ejector tool

WarningNote that if you can't confirm your order number and e-mail address with us, we won't be able to offer support.

We may ask that you send the GEVEY turbo SIM back to us for testing. If we find the GEVEY turbo SIM is defective, we will offer you a choice between replacement or refund. If we find that the GEVEY turbo SIM you received works properly, we will notify you that your GSM iPhone 4 has a software issue.

Experts Only: How to install FuriousMod to Set Up GEVEY Ultra for a Jailbroken GSM iPhone 4

The following instructions are for expert users only who want to unlock a jailbroken GSM iPhone 4.

WarningApple N Berry cannot provide support for the jailbreak process. We make this method available to those who have already jailbroken their GSM iPhone 4 and would like to use the GEVEY Ultra unlock solution..

Remember also that your GSM iPhone 4 must be activated through iTunes and jailbroken with the latest version of Redsn0w.

AOpen Cydia
Open Cydia

After you have completed the jailbreak process for your GSM iPhone 4, open Cydia from your applications screen.

CManage Cydia
Manage Cydia

Select Manage from the bottom menu panel of the Cydia home screen.

EEdit Sources
Edit Sources

From the Sources menu, select Edit at the top of your screen.

GReturn to Cydia
Return to Cydia

Select Return to Cydia.

ISelect FuriousMod Version
Select FuriousMod Version

Select the appropiate FuriousMod version for your iOS.

For iOS 4.x and below, select FuriousMod iOS 4.x.. For iOS 5.x, select FuriousMod.

KConfirm Installation
Confirm Installation

Confirm your installation by selecting Confirm in the upper right corner of the confirmation screen.

MPower Off
Power Off

Now continuously hold the power button for about 3 seconds, and then slide to power off your iPhone.

BSelect Settings
Select Settings

The screen shown here may appear. If you see this screen, select User.  If not, proceed to Step C

DSelect Sources
Select Sources

From the Manage menu, select Sources.

FEnter FuriousMod URL
Enter FuriousMod URL

Select Add on upper left corner of the Sources screen.  The Enter Cydia/APT URL screen will appear.  Type the following URL and then select Add Source.

HDial 112
Select Return to Cydia

Open your Phone application and select Keypad. Wait for one signal bar to appear in the upper left corner, then Dial 112. End the call immediately.

From the Sources menu, select

JDial 112
Select Return to Cydia

From the FuriousMod details page, select Install at the upper right corner.

LRestart SpringBoard
Restart SpringBoard

After the installation is complete, select Restart SpringBoard.

NCheck Carrier
Check carrier name in the upper left corner